This is the transcript for the episode Pilot


The logo appears and fades into the episode and the camera zooms into the house

Dave:Oh man this computer is boring!

Tom:No its not!

Dave:Umm yeah it is!

Tom:Dude why do you think its lame?

Dave:Dude this is Blindows 94! BLINDOWS 94!

Tom:Obselete is the best!

Dave:Whatever im just gonna hack this computer to make it cooler

Tom:Dont you dare!

Dave gets a floppy disk that reads "Hacking tools" and inserts into the computer

Dave:Im gonna make this crappy computer 100% better!

Tom:Dont do it! You dont know what will happen!

A window opens on the computer and it says "Do you want to hack this computer?" Dave clicks yes and a bunch of numbers start flashing on the computer

Tom:What the H?

Dave:Im pretty sure 1010101010101010 means im doing it right!

Tom:Well im just trying to help

Tom walks off and it shows him watching the TV

TV voice:Cars are cool dont you think?

Tom:Yeah I...

Dave shouts from upstairs


Tom runs up the stairs and sees Dave crouching down playing with wires

Tom:What the heck are you doing?

Dave:Uhh just hacking?

Tom:I warned you!

Dave:I know sorry! I just wanted to try!

Tom:Oh man! Do you realise what you did?


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