Nerdz: the series or simply Nerdz is a animated TV show created by Skio4 it isnt on TV yet... But it could be one day. It has a TV-PG rating.


This a series features 2 guys named Dave and Tom who live in a House in Citytown in the planet Earth. They always get into situations such as hacking computers to being cursed by wizards.


Citytown is ruled by a wizard named Jack who gave Dave and Tom "Dude power " A curse that gives them supernerd abilities. Unfourtanetly their supernerd powers can get to them and they end up getting into big trouble.


  • These are some working titles: Superdorks, Nerdos , The Nerds , Dudes and The HackRs
  • If this was a real show it would be on Cartoon Network
  • There is a movie planned