This is the list of episodes of Nerdz:the series

Season 1Edit

Season 1 has 20 episodes


Dave and Tom hack their computer and create a monster. This was never aired on TV.

2.The Bed

Dave destroys Toms bed and Dave has to try buy a new one.

3.The awesome game

Dave wants a new game but cant afford it so he gets a job.

4.The haunted house

Dave and Tom into a haunted house and the have to find a way to get out.

5.The baby

Dave and Tom have to babysit Tom's sisters baby

6.The crush

Dave has a crush on Hannah.

7.Evil returns

The computer monster returns.

8.Tom the cool gamer

After Tom gets the world record on Gunners the game and gets a lot of attention Dave feels left out.

9.Soccer bros

Dave and Tom learn how to play soccer and end up getting put in a death match against The Kick.

10.Genie problems

Dave accidently summons an evil genie

11.Ninjas in Ninjaville

Dave and Tom are banished to Ninjaville

12.The pet

Dave and Tom adopt a dog.

13.Rumor has it

Nasty rumors about Tom are spread around on the internet.

14.Anger management

Tom is sent to anger management classes.

15.Paper punks

Dave and Tom meet the Paper Punks.


The Kick rises from the dead and challenges Dave and Tom to another death match.

17.Chubby dude

Dave becomes super fat.

18.The creeps

Dave and Tom are cursed by ghosts.


Dave and Tom become assasains.

20.Rage against the fighters (season finale)

Dave and Tom enter a fighting tournament

Season 2Edit

Season 2 has 20 episodes

21.The awesome party

Dave throws a party and things get out of hand

22.True Love

Dave tries to get Hannahs attention

23.Rats in your pants

Dave and Toms house gets infested with rats

24.The rise of the talker

Dave is cursed by a wizard and he cant stop talking

25.Swimming goons

Dave and Tom go to the Raging Water pool place.

26.Mother comes over

Daves mother comes to stay at the house.

27.TV (episode)

Dave and Tom star on a TV program.

28.I dreamed a nightmare

Tom has a unimaginably horrifying nightmare.

29.Arcade fun

Dave and Tom buy a cursed arcade machine.

30.The date

Dave and Hannah go on an ACTUAL date.

31.The spider

After Dave squishes a spider he is run out of town by a bunch of angry spiders.

32.Beyond belief

Dave tells alot of very untrue stories to Tom.

33.Three walls plus one

Dave and Tom learn that they are in a tv show and keep breaking the fourth wall.

34.Two peas in a pod

Tom starts acting like Dave and things get bad.

35.The saga of the dwarfs part I

Tom and Dave get transported into an RPG and meet a bunch of friendly dwarfs.

36.The saga of the dwarfs part II

Tom and Dave find out about the Dwarf n Tall war and must travel back in time to stop it

37.Button masher

Dave breaks his hand from playing too much video games.


Tom and Dave become astronauts.

39.Its only the beginning

The backstory of Nerdz is revealed in this episode.

40.The nerds who cried NINJA! (season finale)

Tom and Dave are banished to Ninjaville again by the Nindeath clan.

Season 3Edit

Season 3 has 20 episodes

41.Listen up

Dave starts talking really loud.

42.Tom come home

Tom moves out of the house.

43.Math is hard

Dave realises he dosent know any math and he needs to learn.

44.Nerds of justice

Dave and Tom become policemen.


Dave and Tom create a dubstep song and become more popular than Pillex a really famous dubstep artist.

46.The Computer Monster (episode)

This is an actual TV airing of the pilot.

47.Love is never easy

Dave believes that Hannah is not intrested and tries to find a new love intrest.

48.Cooking is just another thing

Its Daves cooking night and Tom is not excited.

49.Dudes in a farm

Daves grandpa needs the duo to help him in the farm. However they are not very good at doing so.

50.The crazies

Dave and Tom become crazy and start causing chaos.

51.How to make camping awesome

Dave and Tom go camping in a haunted forest.

52.Name change

Dave legally changes his name to McFartington and quickly regrets doing so.

53.Ninjas can get to you sometimes

The Nindeath clan returns AGAIN but this time they need help with the leader of the clans wedding.

54.Sport dorks

Dave and Tom enter a sports tournament.

55.The engaging dude

Dave and Hannah finally get engaged.

56.Spot the diffrence

The world becomes different.

57.I just lost my mind!

Dave loses his brain and it is up to Tom to find it.

58.Darn rats!

The rats return and take over the city.

59.The future awaits part I

Dave and Tom travel in time to the future.

60.The future awaits part II (season finale)

Dave and Tom realise that their future counterparts get destroyed in the future so they need to travel to that timeline to stop the Ruler Of Time from destroying them in the future.

Season 4Edit

Season 4 has 25 episodes

61.Mother is back!

Daves mother comes back to the house and slowly rips Dave and Toms friendship apart

62.Donna and Tory

This is a genderswap episode.

63.Rapping is cooler

Dave tries to tell Tom that rapping is cooler than poetry so they try to prove each other wrong by having a rhyme battle.

64.Tomahawk and Plasma Dave

Dave and Tom become superheroes known as Tomahawk and Plasma Dave.